What We Do

What We Do

Pay Per Click Management

Curo helps our clients to fully understand how their Google Ads campaigns are performing, what is working well, what is not working well, what needs improving urgently and most importantly, where the significant growth opportunities are within the account.

We take our time to sit down with you and run through the account so we can identify all the key areas above to determine a strategy for making Google Ads the number one sales channel in your business. Whether you spend £1k a month or £100k a month through Google Ads we can work with you to ensure every penny works as hard as it can for your business.

Client Centric

We believe that no one knows your business better than you do and we fully intend to capitalise on that and use it to all of our advantages.

Honest & Transparent

Digital marketing is full of secrets and considered a dark art, we take the simple approach so you fully understand what you are getting with a no-nonsense approach.

Result Driven

Everything we do is geared towards results, this is a results business and generating strong ROI's is absolutely vital.

Industry Expertise

We are a Google Partner and this isn't something Google give out too lightly either and you have to be on your toes to keep partner status.

Bespoke Tools

We developed tools in-house to aid with the creation and general day to day management of campaigns to speed up launching new ones.

Detailed Reporting

When investing into anything its imperative you understand how much you are spending, but more importantly, how much you are making.

Help & Advice

Our Work Process

Initial Meeting

We first discuss needs and problems of your business, we then link the Google Ads account so we can review what is and isn't working within the account.


We then make a highly analytical report from our findings and rate all tasks needed to boost profitability from low priority to urgent. This then forms a schedule of proposed work which we both agree on.


Once we have the schedule of work we begin implementing the most critical and return on investment focused tasks to vastly increase profitablility of the account as soon as possible.


We constantly then review and optimise the account moving forward after all critical tasks have been performed, ensuring month on month growth. Then we can look to expand the account to new features and services as and when Google release them, Including beta programs due to our Google Partner status.

What are you waiting for?

It all starts with a meeting, get in touch with us today and find out how much more profitable your Google Ads account could be!