Case Studies

Slimming Solutions

The Task

Slimming Solutions reached out to Curo in need of a boost to their overall sales volume and a reduction to the cost-per-acquisition too. They have a very successful business and wanted to take it to the next level but needed the help of a specialist PPC agency to understand where the growth opportunities were within the account and how they could capitalise on them.

The Solution

To begin we re-structured the search campaigns into a clean and easy to build upon structure allowing future optimisation to be as simple as possible. We continued to expand into remarketing for search to utilise the pre-existing traffic from all sources to increase the conversion rate of the existing marketing efforts this continued for several months slowly increasing the sales month on month. From there was the cost per acquisition was decreasing we were then able to expand into a new shopping campaign with the new freedom of budget which allowed us to increase sales phenomenally.

The Client

“From day one I was apart of the process with Curo, they walked me through their findings in plain English and helped me to understand what they needed from me and why the work needed was essential, very quickly I started to see results as the number of orders I was taking began to increase every week. I can’t recommend them highly enough”
- Kerry Scott


Increase in conversions


Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition


Increase in revenue


Return on ad spend

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