Case Studies

Element Man

The Task

Element Man contacted Curo as they had seen a large increase in their cost-per-acquisition that they were not able to rectify themselves. The account was performing well in terms of the sheer number of sales but now the profitability had taken a huge whack so we were tasked with initially bringing it back to the level it was previously operating at as fast as possible.

The Solution

To take on this task we began by analysing the historical data to see why the cost-per-acquisition was increasing month on month but the number of sales was not. We quickly got to building some negative keyword lists from the historical data that instantly reduced the cost-per-acquisition. From there the budgets were no longer stretched thinly which allowed even more conversions. From this point on the cost-per-acquisition was at a point the client was happy with which allowed us to expand and grow the account around the different branded products they stocked. Each section of new products we created campaigns for continued to grow month on month especially with the implementation of remarketing for search which allowed us to increase the return rate of pre-qualified customers.

The Client

“We were recommended to Curo by one of their current clients and being honest we were sceptical of handing the account over to any third party but very quickly we were shown why they came so highly recommended in the first place. They deliver on their promises and communicate effectively.”


Increase in conversions


Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition


Increase in revenue


Return on ad spend

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