Case Studies

Cooker Hood Filters

The Task

Curo began work with Cooker Hood Filters to fully understand where and how we could grow sales within the account. The budget was already determined and was not going to be increased without evidence that we could add value within the current budget restraints as cost-per-acquisition was on the rise.

The Solution

With the budget restrictions within the account, we had a challenge on our hands to lower the cost-per-acquisition with the currently limited by budget campaigns. First, we looked at the target hours of the day & the locations even though the client can sell to the entire UK 24 hours a day 7 days a week, we soon noticed trends in time of day and locations where we could reduce or increase bids to get the most out of the limited budget. From here we were able to capture the lower cost-per-acquisition sales within the same budgets, this gave the client the confidence in our service and recommendations to increase budgets and allow us to expand into shopping campaigns to further boost sales.

The Client

“Curo came onboard and were very quick to identify opportunities and problems within the account and deal with them very effectively. They were able to cut out wasted spend and reinvest it into campaigns that were already performing well but constrained somewhat due to budget, this was incredibly useful to know as we were unable to identify this ourselves from the way we had set the account up initially.”


Increase in conversions


Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition


Increase in revenue


Return on ad spend

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